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An Overview of Workman's Comp Rates

Workman's compensation goes into effect when a worker is injured on the job and is no longer able to perform his duties. Workman's comp rates depend upon several different factors. How you qualify and what you get is determined by the area you live in....(more)

Top Automobile Insurers in the United States

If you are in the market for car insurance, you should know the top insurers in the United States. A good insurance company is one that provides a wide range of insurance options, with great customer service and a commitment to excellence....(more)

Reputable Allstate Homeowners Insurance Reviews

Are you considering insuring your home with Allstate? Before signing on, read online reviews of the company to see real customers' experiences with the company. Visit the sites below for reputable Allstate homeowners insurance reviews....(more)

Reliable Reviews of All State Insurance Company

You might be in the market to shop for new insurance for your home, car, apartment or business. To determine the best choices, online reviews certainly contribute a confirmation of choice. One leading company is Allstate Insurance, and if you are looking for reliable Allstate reviews, look no further....(more)

Business Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

When a business must be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, lost sales opportunities can cost big dollars. Business Interruption insurance can help reimburse some of those losses....(more)

What Is the Purpose of Employment Practices Insurance Coverage?

With the protections afforded employees, every CEO is wise to acquire protection against lawsuits brought by them. If one of your employees felt that he was harmed and filed a lawsuit against your company, employment practices insurance helps to offset any potential judgments levied. Do not forget that you may have exposure even if an employee is responsible for infringing on the rights of another employee....(more)

Tips for Choosing Health Insurance for Your Business

Health-insurance costs seem to go up every month these days, making it more crucial for you to find reliable and cost-effective insurance for your business. Choosing the right health-insurance plan not only saves you money, it also makes your company more attractive to potential employees....(more)

Gap Insurance

Reliable Resources for Gap Insurance Quotes

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance is an important option for your auto insurance if you just bought a brand-new car, did not put a down payment on your auto load or discovered that you owe more money on your car than it is worth. If your vehicle is totaled, GAP insurance provides you with enough money to cover the difference between what you owe on your car and what your insurance company pays you for the car's worth. There are many reliable sites that provide you with a GAP insurance quote....(more)

Top Insurance Companies Providing Gap Insurance for Autos

With many auto insurance providers available, it is sometimes a tedious chore finding the best GAP insurance companies. You frequently find that many insurance companies offer many of the same services. The factors that set the best GAP insurance companies apart from others include price, customer service, quality and availability of insurance coverage....(more)

Where to Purchase Cost Effective Gap Insurance Online

GAP insurance makes sure that you are financially protected if something happens to your car when you owe more than it is worth. Instead of having to come up with thousands of dollars in a pinch, GAP insurance pays for the amount that you owe over the value of the totaled car. GAP insurance is on the cheaper side, so it is easy for anyone to afford. Here are the best companies for purchasing GAP insurance online....(more)

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2012 Industry Elite Award Winner Henry Stern has been in the insurance business for some 30 years. Focusing primarily on life and health insurance, he's also a well-regarded resource for long term care and disability coverage. As a Charter Member of the Association of Health Insurance Agents, and a Founding... Read More

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