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Methods to Obtain Insurance

What Is Group Insurance?

Are you shopping for a new insurance plan and asking yourself, "What is group insurance?" Whether you are in the market for insurance or just curious about the available possibilities, knowing the basics of group insurance plans lets you make well-informed decisions about your own coverage. Understanding the facts helps you save money as well....(more)

What Are the Main Categories of Property and Casualty Insurance?

Are you satisfied with all of your property and casualty insurance policies? Do you fully understand what they cover and how you file a claim? Do you know what your deductible is? These are all crucial questions, but many people never bother asking them. If you are confused about the various insurance categories available to you, read this list. Nobody likes to think about worst-case scenarios, but you absolutely need to be thoroughly prepared so that if something unfortunate happens you know what your options are....(more)

Key Person Insurance Policy Purpose and Benefits

As an entrepreneur, your business is a big part of your life. What you need to realize is that the opposite is also true: your life is a crucial part of your business as well. If you own a small company, consider a key person insurance policy to address the importance you have in your business. Here is what key person insurance is and how it can benefit you....(more)

Finding an Insurance Broker In Chicago

Finding a broker to help place proper insurance for your business is sometimes a bit difficult. This is especially true in big cities like Chicago. In the city, the number of insurance brokers is seemingly endless. So how do you narrow down the list and find the right person for you? First, take a look at your specific needs....(more)

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

List of the Largest Commercial Insurance Companies

When it comes to commercial insurance, many carriers offer business coverage. Commercial insurance options vary widely and carriers offer coverage for a variety of specialties. Before you select a business insurance carrier, it is important to understand the coverage offered and the overall value of the policy purchased. Some of the largest carriers offer the widest variety of policies suitable for any number of businesses....(more)

Business Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

When a business must be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, lost sales opportunities can cost big dollars. Business Interruption insurance can help reimburse some of those losses....(more)

What Is the Purpose of Employment Practices Insurance Coverage?

With the protections afforded employees, every CEO is wise to acquire protection against lawsuits brought by them. If one of your employees felt that he was harmed and filed a lawsuit against your company, employment practices insurance helps to offset any potential judgments levied. Do not forget that you may have exposure even if an employee is responsible for infringing on the rights of another employee....(more)

Tips for Choosing Health Insurance for Your Business

Health-insurance costs seem to go up every month these days, making it more crucial for you to find reliable and cost-effective insurance for your business. Choosing the right health-insurance plan not only saves you money, it also makes your company more attractive to potential employees....(more)

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